HOW our liability umbrella works


Under the liability umbrella of CONCEDUS GmbH, you may provide financial services in the form of investment brokerage and advice without your own WpIG (formerly KWG) licence.

CONCEDUS has specialized in innovative and digital business models. We support pioneers, start-ups and established market participants alike in the regulation of your project.

In doing so, we are primarily at your side as a long-term partner. In addition, we are also happy to take care of a legally compliant one-time processing of a financial transaction.

With us you can always rely on a customized and personalized service, as well as a transparent and fair compensation model.


You can rely on us.


They work with our license and do not require a separate license according to § 32 KWG.


You operate your platform, work independently and on your own account.


You will receive extensive onboarding and clear, comprehensible guidelines from us.


You can provide all your reports and notifications easily and online using paperless processes.



You are a founder of a FinTech, or already active in the financial industry and want to establish your digital and regulated business model?

Then we are the right partner at your side! Besides the mere provision of a liability umbrella with which you can regulate and legally implement your project, CONCEDUS offers you a real partnership.

Through our technical and industry-specific expertise, as well as through our broad partner network, we can offer you the decisive added value. We are your long-term partner who always stands behind you.


Examples of business models:


  • Security token platforms (digital/electronic securities)
  • NFTs
  • Robo-Advice Platforms
  • Auto-Trading Platforms
  • Crowd Investing Platforms
  • Secondary market trade


Your business model was not in our examples? Then you are exactly right with us! We look forward to realizing your innovative idea together with you.


Do you need a liability umbrella for your own security token offering (STO), or your own digital securities issue, or other public securities offering?

With pleasure we enable you the legally compliant and regulated distribution!

Examples of this are:

  • Security Token Offering of the own company
  • Distribution of a real estate project
  • General issue of securities

Just talk to us! In addition to legal regulations, we can help you find the right contact person for the technical implementation of your securities issue.