YOUR advantages with our digital liability umbrella

KWG licenses for tied agents

CONCEDUS provides WpIG licences and services for partners.

At present our offer includes the following approvals:

  • Anlagevermittlung
    (§ 2 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 WpIG)
  • Anlageberatung
    (§ 2 Abs. 2 Nr. 4 WpIG)
  • Crypto Custodian
    1 Abs. 1a sentence 2 no. 6 via subsidiary and §64y KWG

The approval you need is not included?

You are not sure under which category your planned business model belongs?

It doesn’t matter! Feel free to contact us – there is always a solution.

Transparent fee structure

We attach great importance to transparency.

Our remuneration models are understandable, fair and based on partnership. Why? Quite simply, this is the only way we can work together in the long term and digitize the industry together. We are happy to adapt our remuneration models, also due to our wide range of services, to you personally and the current development status of your project. Therefore we ask you to contact us personally to learn more about this.

Free from sales receivables

We do not put pressure on you.

We are aware of what it means to become entrepreneurs or to develop and establish a new business model. Therefore there are no revenue requirements from our side for partners. On the contrary, we are happy to support you in building up your company, because this is also in our interest: Your success, is our success.

More time for customer service and acquisition

Take care of the essential things.

Thanks to our standardized processes, digital approach and many years of experience in various industries, the legal and administrative setup of a contractually tied agent can be implemented relatively quickly – compared to an own license. We can also provide you with additional services and support in your everyday business. Concentrate on building your business and most importantly: on your customers! We have your back.

Legal security

Laws change.

All our processes, standardized onboarding measures and contracts are created together with our specialist lawyers and are constantly updated. Laws, especially in the financial sector, change frequently – we keep the overview for you and inform you in time. If you are still looking for a partner for your legal or tax advice, we are happy to make our network available to you, so that you can find a strong and suitable partner for your company.

Provision of digital processes

Technical know-how is on top of it.

Digitizing processes in compliance with the law is sometimes not as easy as one might think. Implementation can involve a lot of investigative work – this is where our experience can help you save time and money so that you can present secure, user-friendly and legally compliant processes without losing valuable time.

In addition to the liability umbrella, we have already developed many digital processes, e.g. for digital customer onboarding for our own projects, which we are happy to share with partners so that you can benefit from our experience.

Customer onboarding, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. In the background, all further measures have to be taken to ensure that all regulations are met – we are happy to support you in the integration of AML monitoring systems, automated PEP and sanctions list checks, payment service providers, CRM management systems, digital complaint management and many other technical integrations so that your system is compliant in the long term and adapts to future requirements. It is important here to use the right tools – only very few are really digital and supported by artificial intelligence, for example. We provide you with advice on which tools can be used and scaled in the long term – you certainly don’t want to go back to analog and tedious processes.


CONCEDUS is different,
we are innovative and open for new things.

Just contact us – we are also pleased to support start-ups and innovative business models, which are not immediately understandable for everyone, because they are still too new. We look forward to getting to know your business model. Especially in the area of DLT/Blockchain and online solutions, we can support you in many other areas in addition to our liability umbrella, through our own expertise.

One thing should be clear to us all: The future is digital – also in the financial sector – we have the necessary understanding and practical experience.